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The jig is up! (Kinda!)

Alrighty, folks. I don't know about you, but I've had a busy October! First and foremost, my debut novel, Something Special, released to the world! In case you missed it (I hope you didn't miss it), it's a contemporary romance novel about a broken girl trying to glue herself back together. After some reviewing and consulting, I've added a trigger warning on its page. The book does deal with some dark stuff in a few chapters, and I didn't want to hurt anyone who might have gone through something similar and went into this book unprepared. If you think that may be you, please check out the trigger warning link.

Second: I've been writing a TON as well as doing some more in-depth research for this new story. So let's talk about what's new. The book is called Something Sacred, and it is Jared's story. If you read Something Special, you'd know that Jared was Charlie's childhood best friend. He drops off her radar when he is 16 up until he starts to rekindle their friendship eight-ish years later. That's a good chunk of time that we don't get to see in Something Special. Check it out on Goodreads and add it to your want-to-read list so you don't miss it's release!

(Disclaimer: For those of you who may not have liked Charlie: she's not the main focus of Something Sacred. There's a whole new cast of characters for you all to fall in love with or hate. This book overall has less of a romantic feel to it.)

And THEN.... drum roll please... I've also been working on another book that I'm hoping to release early summer 2019. The title is not finalized, and I'm still in the process of writing. This character will be introduced in Something Sacred, so watch out for that!

Thank you all for your support, and please share!

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