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You can never run far enough to escape your own mind.

On the heels of a miscarriage and the subsequent implosion of his happy life, Jared flees west. He longed to fight wildfires since he was young, and the opportunity comes at the perfect time.

There is a job to do. A distraction to be had. But he doesn’t foresee his crew turning into his family. He doesn’t consider the love he will develop for the people he works with and the job itself.

Charlotte, Jared’s childhood best friend, resurfaces after he suffers a traumatic accident that sidelines his career indefinitely. Their new connection reignites old longing inside of him, and she pushes him to reevaluate the toxic emotions that have been holding him hostage.

Jared has used firefighting as an excuse to escape from his past, but eventually, everything he’s been running from will catch up to him.
Marble Surface


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